Friday, August 08, 2008

My Arrival

So here I am, sitting in Daryl's living room recounting the amount of awesome that already filled my first day. Actually, I wouldn't even count this as my first day considering I only arrive at my final destination, Southfield, at about 5 in the evening or so.

Ah yeah, the seven hour plus bus ride. I'll be honest and say I didn't mind it that much at all, just a lot of sleeping, text messaging and snacking out. Met and saw some interesting characters starting in London. Some people (in London) had lost their luckage and were not stoked. A result of paying the extra $10 luggage fee and it being lost these certain people decided to attack the mail cart. Their trip ended quick. On to the actual travelling. I never realized how many broke-ass towns there are in between London and Windsor, the whole time I was just sitting on the bus being thankful I had never grown up there. Anyways, arriving in Detroit I learned that their “accents” were something I would have to get ahold of real quick; I had to ask four separate times what time my bus showed up because I couldn't understand the first three people. Movin' on! Finally arriving in Southfield I called up Daryl to come pick me up, no sweat, he'd be there in 20 minutes. Turns out the bus station was a lot further than he figured, the station closed at six and there was a thunder storm moving in fast. So now I'm waiting outside, the station is closed and the rain starts coming down colder and harder than ever. Thankfully Lowepro bags rule and have their own separate rain coats but for some reason I had a blue poncho in my actual luggage so that came in super handy. So now I'm not super bummed, just soaked and freezing my ass off.

Daryl finally shows up and the sun decides to come out at the same time which we're both stoked on. He tells me he wants to show me this flatgap he's got some stuff on before. We roll up, the thing is huge. Daryl claims backside flip as soon as we get there. “I've done it before”, he says. Okay, cool, I set up, 15 tries later he's rolling away from the trick and “cleaner than before.” I'm pretty hyped because I didn't even count on skating on my first “day” in let alone the first half hour. We decided to head over to the local indoor park to meet up with Justin and the rest of the crew. Everyone here was super dope and welcoming which I was hyped on. I get told we're just going to run an after hours session instead of trying to maneuver through a bunch of the not-so regulars. Some fun skate times were had and I even re-learned a few new tricks.

Aside from the first day ruling from skating alone I also got some Michigan knowledge dropped on me. Number one, dill pickles in bags are sold at every gas station here and are apparently a hot product. Number two, everybody's favourite pop here is called “Faygo.” I'll be honest and say I was pretty stunned but the black cherry flavour is actually damn good. Number three, the band “Insane Clown Posse” is from Michigan and can always be found getting stoked on their Faygo.

That's all for my arrival, take a look at Daryl's pretty backside flip.


Eating before our after hours session

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