Sunday, April 25, 2010


Isaac and I were out of local spot ideas so we decided to try our luck at skating Cambridge and Brantford. Aside from the one gem in Brantford, the rest was shit just like we assumed. On another note, Aaron is home from school so he came out to shred while Lucas got his board focussed by a van. It seems like whenever I end up in Brantford or Cambridge the lurkers just get worse and worse, especially at the skateparks. Negativity aside, tricks we "copped" and fun was had!

Aaron, cruiser wall ride.

Kody repping the illest
(snow)board company of all
time. Front 5-0.

Now it's Sunday so I can only hope for better spots next weekend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Struggling for 130

What a gruelling 130th post...and I just barely made it. This blog has been totally off my mind's radar(obviously) so I haven't even thought to update. I have however been getting a lot of questions about whether or not this blog is toast....fuck naw! This blog is in better shape than ever, the posts are just few and far between. In celebration of a 130th post and the love you've been showing me, here's some photo content!

Went to Pittsburgh with some of the Love dudes
for Easter weekend. Got roughed up.

Ben, ollie up gap to back lip in Pittsburgh.

One of the many weekends
in Toronto. Isaac, 5050 drop down.

Drew boy and Joel in tow. Boardslide.

This one's for my buddy who slammed so
hard his vertigo came back.
Isaac, backside kickflip.

In due time there will be another will not be forgotten!