Monday, April 27, 2009

Dev'd Up

A big reason I like going to London is because there's this camera store called Stan C. Reade that develops 120 film in one day for super cheap. Whenever I've got a few rolls of film that I need developed I never hesitate to bring it there. What could be better than dropping off film in the morning, heading off to skate and picking up your slides at the end of the day? Nothing! Anyways, here's some film clips from the past week or so, enjoy!

Isaac, ollie down on to the skinny block.

Colton, front blunt.

Scott, noseblunt.

Isaac, kickflip. A damn shame this spot is gone
now, it was dope!

Colton, backside 180 nosegrind.

Mack-dawg, lipslide 270 shove out.

I threw in a couple sequences for turbo enjoyment, holla.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I headed on down(over? up?) to London Friday night with plans to get some good skating in on Saturday. A few people had wanted to shoot some things and best of all, Justin and Mike were coming from Michigan to hang out for the weekend. I was pretty stoked on that fact alone since I hadn't seen Mike since the summer and Justin since Cali so the trip to London was worth it just because of that. Anyways, Saturday morning we all warmed up a Vic and met up with some Kitchener and London dudes. The crew was fairly large so we all split up, going our separate ways. The weather was super nice, like 25 degrees Celsius nice. Anyways, we got the flicks and that's all that matters. Big up to Mr. Cameron Black for the hospitality, I'll be back soon!

Colin, warm up front nose.

20 minutes (including warm
up) was all Mike needed to get
this back smithers.

15 minutes after the photo of the back smith, the clouds rolled up and it started raining super hard. Driving on the 401 at night in the pouring rain sucks. Until next time...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My good homie Kody has been having a bit of a rough first month of skating. True, he has been killing as of late, but the other night he just happened to break his leg. Definitely a bumming way to kick off skate season but he'll be back in no time.

A few days prior to his accident,
frontside bigspin off the bump and through
the trees.

Hardest trick ever: staying positive.

Get better soon home boy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It was getting sort of later in the day and I had things to do later on so we really only go to skate two spots. At the first spot, I shot film so you'll be seeing that later, but for now here are two sequences we got at this flatbar. It was pretty much a strobe-light session with the flashes popping off but Luc and Scott got through it. In the wise words of Scott, "If you're going to shoot a sequence at night...just don't."

Lucas, frontside 5-0 front shove out.

Scott, boarslide 5050 on a zip-zinger.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cali Memories

I had about four rolls of 35mm film in my fridge that I had shot through my AE-1, yet to be developed. I finally got around to developing and scanning the negs and to my surprise I had some snap shots from my California in January on there. Check 'em out below.

This shutdown school
had some cool architecture and
the most buttery curved ledge
ever at it.

San Pedro park

San Pedro park. Seeing these groms learning
to skate at this park blew my mind. Now I know
where all those teen tranny killers come from
in Cali.

San Pedro park

Nevada mountains. I was fucking terrified seeing
snow from the plane window, after all, I was
leaving that white shit to soak in some warm

Dan Cohen nosegrinding while his homie
watches. I forget your name, sorry dude.

Justin and Ben cruising.

The alleyway at Paul's place.

Paul driving down the PCH.

Paul, Brian and Ben pushin' around.

Scanning those on to my computer put a little smile on my face.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ankle Destruction

It was just another day of skating with Lucas, Mack, Isaac, Joel and Graham. We went to check out this new stair spot that got the vote from everyone. It was pretty easy to skate so everyone got busy trying to get tricks. Unfortunately, Graham destroyed his ankle trying to get his. Get better buddy!

Next spot, Mack and Luc had some business they wanted to take care of at Seagrams so we headed out that way. In no time both dudes got their flicks and we were on our way to meet up with Scott, Josh and Grant. We tried to check a few spots but nothing was happening. Mack and Luc were still fiendin' to skate so we checked a few more spots and met up with some other dudes. It was getting late and chilly so we headed back downtown to check out some cemented up barriers. It was fun for the time being but the cops weren't feeling it. They even went as far to send a cop to kick us out with the name "S. Slaughter"...comforting. It was late and everyone decided to pack it in so we did just that. Pictures below, fool!

Isaac, kickflip.

Luc felt like hanging out in the shade, no biggie.

Lucas, front smith 180 out. Easy peasy for
this buddy.

Luc, Jesse and Mack.

Lucas, front tail.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some film clips

Just got some film developed and scanned up. Enjoy.

Kody got into a fight with the concrete
at the skatepark. You can't tell that his nose is
broken in this photo either.

Scott, first try 5-0 180 out. Jesus will forgive
us for waxing the ledge with red wax.

I told Andrew to sit pretty for this.

Aaron, bluntslide. This spot sucks.

Scooter, a tall and sticky backside nosegrind.
More than once for this guy.

Kody, lipslide.

Kody, muggin' with a cigarette.

Scott, ollie in.

Yeah yeah, most of these photos are of Scott and Kody, but they've been killing it as of late!
My next few rolls of film will be more diverse, my word.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

"...sometimes we bang other things too."

The day got off to an early start with Isaac and Joel picking me up around 10:30 in the morning to head off to our destination that lay in Toronto. The sun was high and threatening a high of ten degrees, everyone was stoked. I was especially stoked since this had been the first real day I got out with the the twins since they got back from Oz. Anyways, we made our way to Drew's where we decided to warm up quick while others met back at the place. A couple sequences later, we're back at Drew's pad to meet up with Justin and Duke. We headed off for some fun neighbourhood activities where lines were "copped" and fun was had. A lady that lived at the spot told us to leave since we were pissing off her dogs, which, ironically, we heard no barking from. On the way to meet up with Mr. Chris Marleau we made a quick pit stop to check a spot. For the final spot of the day, Isaac wanted to head over to Cloud Park to get a quick sequence and we did just that. We headed back to Drew's to check out footy from the Melbourne and the day that was coming and had a grand old time. Peep the photos for greatness!

Joel, ollie over the hydant to lipslide.

"Jensen did it too!" Real skateboarders
wax the ground.

Joel manning the camera.

Drew ninja backside flipping.

As seen in Love's "Sextape" video, Isaac,
gap to lipslide.

Oh I finish writing this there's a good few inches of snow on the ground.
If anyone sees Mother Nature, let her know I need to give her a kick to the face.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fueled by Tim's

Ingredients like no school, no work, 15 degrees and sunny make for one hell of a delicious day. It was mainly Kody, Scott and I for the day but the occasional others like Josh, Gary and Ben met up with us throughout different periods. Basically, our mission was to go from one end of the city to the other...and that we did. It seemed that throughout the day, at least someone in the car was drinking a coffee from Tim Horton's but still, nobody won roll up the rim. I'm not going to type much more because I'm dead so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Scott, crook bonk in the name
of the Lord.

Tunnel vision.

Best buds

Scott, tailslide reverting before getting the boot.

Later on in the day Scott did this noseslide
pop in.

High fives, bro!

Josh SkateNinja Cowan

Josh, super sketchy front board.

It's been a long day.