Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some film clips

Just got some film developed and scanned up. Enjoy.

Kody got into a fight with the concrete
at the skatepark. You can't tell that his nose is
broken in this photo either.

Scott, first try 5-0 180 out. Jesus will forgive
us for waxing the ledge with red wax.

I told Andrew to sit pretty for this.

Aaron, bluntslide. This spot sucks.

Scooter, a tall and sticky backside nosegrind.
More than once for this guy.

Kody, lipslide.

Kody, muggin' with a cigarette.

Scott, ollie in.

Yeah yeah, most of these photos are of Scott and Kody, but they've been killing it as of late!
My next few rolls of film will be more diverse, my word.

1 comment:

Peter Stankiewicz said...

Hahah, I'll bet that spot sucks. So funny.