Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Homeland

As August comes to a close I realize(and am thankful) that I wasn' back home in Canada all that much. Below are some goods in between travels of California and a final Michigan trip. Enjoy.

Even getting the time to sweep away the rocks
at this spot is lucky. On this day we had the
skate gods' blessings. Isaac, frontside wallride.

Joel met Tony Hawk one day.

KBye coming soon. For now, a focus test at TD.

Colin, crookie.

Byron, back up back lip.

Byron got scared.

Lucas, crailslide.

Next up...Michigan!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In...and out.

Seeing as I didn't update my blog once while I was in good ol' So. Cal I'll be doing so now. For the most part, Justin and I were a strict sleep/skate schedule and therefore not much time was spared for the blog world. Anyways, below are some flicks from the trip. A few things you can count on are: copious amounts of In N Out were eaten, Cherry On Top is delicious and the bro-scene there is absolutely bumpin'.

"Fuck it." Justin, front blunt
backside flip.

Moments later Justin ate total
shit trying this crook pop over so
he gets an honourable mention.

You better believe Mr. Shaun Hover made
an appearance! Front blunt.

Shaun, easy peasy back smith.

Late night beach session. Justin, back 180
fakie 5-0.

A new homie: Tyler Kindred, nollie shove

What are you doing up there?



Late night DVP session. Colin in the front,
Broah in the middle and Justin on the bench.