Sunday, June 27, 2010


I got a text early Monday morning from Hill telling me to call him up. Sure enough he had nothing but good news, "Yo, let's go to Detroit this weekend!" I don't even think a second passed before I said yes...I'm sure everyone on here knows how much I love skating in Michigan in general. This time would be a bit different because I'd be staying on the other side of the border(Canada) and actually skating Windsor which I was equally as stoked on. As usual, everyone kept it casual while dropping hammers left and right. Seriously, what's better than that?

First day in Windsor and met local Mikey
Plantus. He throws down. He's tight.

Sizzle, back tail up. Too many good quotes from
this guy.

"My slave name is Mike, my real name is Sizzle."

Sizzle is such an upstanding
citizen to society. Here you see
him display a proper focus-check
for me..... that Paul could boost this
huge ollie.

Everyone was bummed on Jeff because he
popped this switch frontside flip so high and made
this actually-huge set look tiny. Good job Jeff?

Sizzle, power ollie....

....into the drink!

Hill and I rolled by to see if it was possible to
get a photo here but there was water in it.
Jamie on the other hand didn't mind one bit...

One of the very few things the U.S. has going
for them currently.

I was in Detroit for 30 minutes and we went
straight to spot checking. Burly to say the least.

An action packed weekend is a good one.

Oh yeah, I got a new lens too....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Here are a bunch of photos that for whatever reasons didn't make it into print. Some are old, some are more recent. Take a peek.

My second trip to Southern California. This
is Michigan transplant Shaun Hover doing
a proper ass back smith.

Another Michigan transplant in the same
session. Justin, bs 180 nosegrind revert.

Mitch, switch tre flip.

The second angle of Mitch's switch tre. Sometimes
filmers just do not want to cooperate and you
have to ask the skater to huck a few more after
he's battled with it.

Dave, full cab.

Drew, ollie over bs lipslide.

Colin, front crook onto the worst landing ever.

Isaac, nosegrind.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Now that the Bones trip is over I'm sure everyone that was in the van for the entire thing is a little relieved so they can go home and relax for a minute. Overall the trip was really productive and I had a great time. Below are some more cell phone clips from the road.

Most of the Bones guys hadn't seen the Niagara
Falls before so we made a trip out there to
do some sight seeing.

Before that happened we had to wake Dyet up
first. This was after we pulled him by his ankles
off of the bed.

Skated a pretty well-built barrier in St. Catherines.
Big ups to Andrew for being our guide for the day.

At a spot in Peterborough they had a free zoo
so a few of us went to take a look. Finally found
out why shoe-lace belts are so useful - baby
bobcats love 'em!

One of them misty days downtown.

Good times had by all! Now back to regular programming....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Demo Daze

We're on the last few days of the Bones trip before it comes to a close. Here are some clips from the road.

Seems like as soon as the free product starts
getting tossed out kids think they have a license
to kill. Sad, but true.

Demo kids.

Tried to get serious at a rail, the dogs were
not cooperating.

Jared stressing over the dogs.

Marty figuring out manuals at
CBC. It got figured out quick.

This chick was ripping so Jared
put her on the Bones team on the

Some dude acting a fool at CBC.

Crunch time!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bones Trip

Got the chance to go on a Toronto+surrounding area trip with part of the Bones Wheels team. Been pretty tight so far, here are some cell pictures from the road. Big thanks to Norm and Brian for hooking this one up!

Marty at Ultimate Distribution.

Norm is the TM at Ultimate East and he
cooked us a feast at his house on the lake. In
the meantime J.S. met a new friend.

He also kept it real while roasting marshmallows.

Couch surfed for a day at a friend Ashley's
place. Nice view of the harbor front.

Also got the chance to catch up with my pal
Aaron over some pad thai.