Friday, April 20, 2012

Posse Large

Judging by the harsh sun burns I've been getting every weekend it appears that mother nature and her sun are back in full force. That being said, the posses we've been rolling with have been pretty deep these days. Feels rad to get out when a gang of homies are there to let the good times roll.

Ahhh...skateboarders. Nothing like hanging out
in the scummiest parts of Windsor.

Mack, ollie over lipslide to 5-0. Homebwaye has been
hungry lately.


BUSE!!! Frontside boardslide.

If you get it, you just get it.

Being a huge fan of Jake Johnson I went out of my way to purchase the new cinematographer issue put out by Transworld. It's been forever since I bought a Transworld but after gracing my tv with a part in Mindfield I was an instant fan. For a couple years there was a serious lack of Jake Johnson coverage due to a pretty bad injury so I was pretty damn hyped when I heard he was going pro because I knew his stuff wouldn't disappoint. As you'll see and read below, the dude is so on point with what is happening in skateboarding now. I've never read an interview before and felt like I could directly relate to the dude beyond the piece of wood they were riding. For the first time in a long time a skate magazine(Transworld, at that) has come out with some super solid content which I've posted below and encourage everyone to read. Don't be afraid to read Gilbert's interview either, that dude is just as on point with all the fuckery going on in skateboarding lately.

Click the photos to enlarge. Blogger isn't being too friendly with the size of the photos.

*Disclaimer: Don't be stupid, I didn't shoot any of these photos. I can only hope for the day Jake Johnson graces the front of my camera.