Monday, April 23, 2007

Water kills...Tricks into hills (installment vol.3)

I met up with James and Isaac at the park on a super nice day. We decided to head to the ditch to see if we could get any shots and Isaac generously re-did his kickflip just for a sequence. Both Isaac and James had their boards and shoes dipped into the water...twice. James ended up losing a bolt there so we peaced the spot.

James and I dropped Isaac off only to pick Damien up at the park where we went to Boardzone to say goodbye's to Justin and then head to this simple new spot James was eying. Looks can be deceving though, the bottom of the hill was a pile of rock death...James and Dames rolled through it though.

Isaac, kickflip ditch gap

Damien, tre bomb in

James, pokie ollie into the hill

6 Boards, red rails, a new filmer, some green benches and a big ass sign (installment vol.2)

Behold, St. Greg's. I pulled into the parking lot with Kody to find Steve killing himself on a front board and Colton slipping out of a kickflip front board. I went straight to shooting some sequences but no dice. We kept on with the night and the filmer from Guelph, Minh, showed up with these two guys Byron and Harrison. Isaac got a sick line but we decided that the spot was boring so we moved on to the sign where we got a few pictures. The night wasn't too productive but I got some nice pictures so I was satisfied.

Isaac, front nose the sign

Scope that footy!

staaaaaanleeey! (installment vol.1)

I was hanging out at the park and not-seriously chatting about the Stanley Park rail with a few friends and Eric decides on the spot he's gunna feeble it, so I run hope, get my gear, call up Dalton and tell him to meet us there and we're off. The sun was setting so we had to make quick time, Dalton got a front board, JC got a rolled ankle from a front feeb-attempt and Eric almost got the feebs, it got too dark for him to see so he stopped, I don't blame him though. Also, Mike nutted himself on the rail first try, it was hilarious...according to him it didn't hurt though.

Dalton, front board