Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mackenzie Campbell!

Mack has been featured on the blog quite often and for a good reason: he's killing it. Over the past year or so this young gun has done a lot of growing up and is on a path of destruction. He's slowly evolved from blonde streaks in his hair and a helmet on top at the skatepark to ripping it in the streets. I would say the whole migration from the skatepark to the streets has a lot to do with Mack's attitude and how he looks at skateboarding. His maturity surpasses his age by many years and is generally one of the first kids I call up to get a shred mission happening. Have no doubts, this kid will continue to progress and kill it and I won't ever hesitate when he calls shotgun.

No helmet, no streaks!

I had to put the stress of "last try" on Mack for
this one since we had to be somewhere but it was
indeed last try. Frontside 5050 backside 180 out.


For some apparent reason everyone loves
these ledges. They are infact shit but Mack takes
care of business regardless. Backside 5-0 shove.

Backside 5-0

Front blunt over the rust wax necessary
for this young man.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuse me while I zoom through...

I just got back from Kingston today and was in the mood to extend my long weekend in the name of skateboarding. I hollered at Mack, Luc, Graham and Andrew and we all went out to get some filming and picture taking done. Everyone got a little bit of something and we even found a little new gem to skate. I don't imagine I'll be doing too much skating this week because work has scheduled me everyday until Saturday...just what you want when the skate season is on a close.

Gary doing a personal
never-been-done front feeble
pop over.

Mack-Dawg, front blunt.

Fence hopper extraordinaire
Lucas going vertical.

Mackenzie zoomin' on through with a cannon

Schralpin' in Kingston

This weekend was a great one. It all started with a bangin' Thanksgiving dinner with my family and then heading off for some great skating. Mother nature was all too kind with the weather as well...I'm talking about sweating with the sun beating down on you, it was awesome! Back on track, Isaac, Joel, their brother Aaron, Cameron and I all headed down to Kingston to get our skate on. We didn't really know what to expect but ended up meeting some of the nicest dudes who were down to show us a bunch of great spots. Everyone ended up with some real gems (footy, photos and new friends) and had a great time. Thanks to Aaron for letting us stay at his place and Soren, Jamie, Brock, Cameron and Francois for showing us a good time.

Aaron with a crook at Kingston's junkyard.

Joel backing up his brother with a switch one.

This is Brock crooking. He had the meanest
pop-outs on these.

Francois with a high back tail.

Soren, front nose. Pop? Yes.

Honourable mention goes out to Francois for nosesliding my shoulder while trying to backside heelflip some stairs.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Nice Fall Day

These are the days I really like about Autumn. Sun shining, perfect skate weather(17-20 degrees Celsius) and some homies. I also happened to have school and work off so it was only multiplying the awesomeness of an already great day. I would also like to give a huge thanks to Jon Eby for letting me borrow his digital camera...I owe you heaps!

Quick ollies up and trick over the gap.....not so easy with metal caps threatening your roll-capability.

Cameron, frontside 180.

Isaac, kickflip.

I got film back today too...yummy yummy.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ninja Cheerleaders

For the weekend Isaac, Joel, Aaron and I headed down to Toronto to get some skating and filming done for the Love promo. We met up with the likes of Matt, Drew, Justin, James, Duke and many others; our crew for the first day was pretty deep. Just as we were getting in to Toronto on Saturday everyone was waking up so a bunch of us warmed up waiting to go out. First spot of the day Aaron got a trick (I would consider it a combo with the dodging traffic aspect) and after being over that spot Drew got a trick as well. Heading on to the UofT area we dorked around on some ledges and Isaac got a trick on a steep bank. The day was coming to a close so we got some dinner and started walking around to check out Nuit Blanche. It was supposed to be an art show but we didn't really see much to check out. By midnight-1am most of us were dead from the day so back to the apartment we went only to have Isaac stoked out to watch some crappy movies.

Sunday was a really mellow day. The city streets were somewhat empty because the art show (Nuit Blanche) had run until sunrise. We took advantage of this but kept it mellow ourselves. Joel got a line somewhere in between and we also met up with Peter. It was around five and we were all pretty tired and hungry so we started heading for the van to give our weekend a close.

On a side note, the sweater weather is finally here. There might be a month left of skating so everyone is really trying to milk the season for what it is. Also, don't ever mess with a cheerleader by day/ninja by night...those chicks can seriously mess shit up.

Joel and Duke doubling as traffic watch.

Next spot.

Duke providing friendly support for James.

Oh yeah, I appologize for having to resort to cell phone pictures. If I could have forseen the early death of my actual digi I would have done something about it.