Monday, May 31, 2010

Bon voyage, friend.

Anybody who is a close friend to Joel is known for a while now that he'd be taking off to Europe for a good while sometime soon and, well, that time has come! Our buddy is going to be shredding across the European continent and having the time of his life. He did say he was going to try and send me a few updates here and there so as he sends 'em I'll post 'em. Have fun dude, it's going to be the ride of your life.

Joel on Canadian soil.
Nollie halfcab in Toronto.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun in the Sun? Not Likely.

My recently jobless self decided to start the weekend on Thursday by heading to London for a couple days and then Toronto for the two after. Unfortunately, my fair-skinned self couldn't avoid getting sun stroke for the life of me. This, of course, caused me to lay in the back seat of my car all of Saturday while "we" were downtown Toronto "skating" and telling the homies only to beckon me if a photo needs to be shot. How fucking lousy does that sound? Ah well, I guess it has to be done once in a while.

Byron on the hubba? No shit. Front 5050.

Justin and Chris came up to visit for the weekend,
too bad I couldn't skate for shit. As for the trick?
Yeah, switch pop up to this thing is no joke.
Switch front 50.

Isaac, back tail through the skinny.

Starting next Sunday my Bones will be a rattlin' for 10 days....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A long weekend was on the come up and I got word that the homies Jordan, Byron and Colin were heading to Toronto to stay with Mains for the weekend. What better reason to quit your job to go and skate? None! As one can assume, the weekend consisted of beautiful weather(for the most part), disgusting farts, Jordan only bringing one pair of socks and boxers and all of us almost killing each other at one point or another. We soon learned that Colin's madness is fueled by as little as a couple packs of gummy worms and a two litre of Pepsi Max a day. On one hand I was a little shocked but on the other, not really, it is Colin after all.

I also got Jordan familiar with the website known as "Chatroulette". If you don't know about it by now save yourself the memory scar and just don't do it. Jordan was into it though. Anyways, photos of the madness below. What a damn good weekend. Thanks for giving us a place to stay Mains.

Things were getting serious at the rail with
bro talk.

Mike, hang ten nose manual.

Somebuddy worked for a trick.
It was pretty hot out too.

Byron. Not quite on another level but definitely
on his way there.

Colin, 5-0 warm ups.

Another 5-0 warm up, backside this time.

This diet equals....

...stepping to rails like this.

Myself on the other hand kept it modest,
Barca style!

After much frustration of arriving at the antique
ledge with a car parked we felt it was necessary
to leave a note.

Eating on the go. How appetizing does a big,
cold slice of watermelon sound on a hot day?

Thumbs up for a bangin' weekend!

Head over to buddy-filmer's blog for a video
version of this update.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Portfolio Check

Derk from Tagsters Online Magazine came to my rescue and threw up some of my portfolio photos online since I've been blowing it and haven't got a website going. If you've got a minute, take a look right here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hut Weekend

Contrary to my last post Mother Nature just so happened to let up and let the goodness that we know as the sun shine on through. What better reason to seize the weekend and head to the Hut? Anyone that knows about the Hut crew knows that they get down on their boards but keep it casual and make sure that it's always a good time. Not to mention that if you're lucky enough to be around for dinner while Chef Digga is cooking you're in for a treat. Flicks of the madness below!

Part of the posse.

Jesse, crook.

There's no such thing as a mellow Saturday
night at the Hut. Full photo feature in the next

Jesse innovating skating with
his new trick dubbed the flying

Sizzle Chest, wallride crailgrab.

Not the last visit to the Hut, no doubt!

Local Shenanigans

Fellow photographer Curtis Rothney told me I should be updating my blog a bit more regularly so, you know, here I am doing it. Here are some goods that I've shot over the past few weeks and if it weren't for damn Mother Nature shitting on us this post would include weekends as well. Enjoy!

Scooter, polevault.

Matt, beaster back 180 on a broken tail.

Greg, tailskid around the bus stop.

Isaac, wallie.

Joel, crook.