Wednesday, March 20, 2013

While you were hibernating this winter...

Rob Mentov and the Street Feet crew were out skating the whole time. I met up with them on a  couple of nights and we shot some photos while they were filming their newest feature "Equinox." The full feature can be seen when you follow the link below and it is well worth it. Enjoy another solid delivery from Mr. Mentov!

Heavy contemplation on a very chilly night.

Scott, ollie onto the ice.

Ah yes, that pivotal moment when your skateboard
becomes a shovel. This doesn't happen too often.

Scott, 5-0.

Cruising on through.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'd have to say that one of the best parts to having my photos published in skateboard magazines is collaborating with my best friends and seeing their efforts come out in print. There can be days when it seems way easier just to focus your board, quit and take the walk of shame home but the days (or nights, in this case) that really shine through are when the session is a total success, celebrated with high fives and more often than not, victory beers.

In the newest issue of SBC Skateboard, Scott and I managed to get our first photo run together, and nothing really beats that feeling. We've both been out making the effort for a while so when things like this happen you can bet your ass that it feels good.

Here's to the first and not our last, my friend.

Backside 5050

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Forumla

The idea of trying to start and maintain a career in skateboarding is a daunting one. While we claim that there are "no rules" in skateboarding, we all know this is laughable and that bullshit cliques, fads and other weird trends run the show. If you don't cuff your jeans right, don't skate a certain way or don't vibe with certain people, the lights on your dreams and passions can easily be turned out by someone else with nothing but a piss-poor excuse.

The subject, Kevin Lowry, in this case, seems to have figured out the formula and is "doing it right" in skateboarding. As if style, speed and well thought-out skateboarding wasn't enough, Kevin manages to make it into just about every video ranging from different parts of the world including China, France, the UK, Canada and heavy coverage from the U.S.

What inspired this blog post on a chilly winter day? The answer can be found in Kevin's most recent video part below. Enjoy.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Smooth Operator

Al just dropped a pretty hefty clip for Habitat Footwear. I suppose these web parts are now the way to do skate videos but I can't help but trip out on the fact that such good skating goes straight to web, is forgotten days later and essentially wasted. Don't get me wrong, this was easily one of the better web parts I've watched in a while, but the whole motion of getting video parts out faster and more often just makes skateboarding so saturated and stale.

This video on the other hand is an excellent example of why speed, control, spot selection and style all matter. Well done Al.

Al, switch ollie in the rain.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back on Board

Plagued by injury after injury, Cephas went under the knife about four months ago to get his ankle fixed up. After a heavy chilling period that probably consisted of lots of Youtube skate videos, the homie is finally back on board skating. The other day the sun was out in full effect so we happened to snap a photo. Good to see you back skating buddy!

Monday, October 01, 2012


Recently I got the chance to jump in the van with some of the Blue Tile Lounge guys and show them around Detroit. We met street people, saw a few(only a few) abandoned buildings and ate next level Mexican food. Check 'er out!

Cory Wozney, front blunt.

David putting on for the skateboarders. This guy is deaf
and the only legitimate street person I give money to down there
Don't be afraid to do the same or buy a chocolate bar off the dude.

Heavy ditch duty in Windsor. Ahhh camradery...

Mortal, switch backside nosegrind.

Pat, frontside tailslide to ditchwater bath(not pictured)

More good times in Detroit? Weird huh...

Friday, September 07, 2012


Scott moved home for the summer and over the course of three months Kitchener locals had never seen anyone so motivated to go out, skateboard in the streets and get some shit done. The result? A solid three minutes of footage.

Frontside Heelflip

Estivate, filmed by Zac Elik.

 Keep your eyes peeled when the next issue of Kingshit drops. Now for the love of God, put down that bong and go skate!