Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The End is Near!

It's a heart break and a fact that all skateboarders have to face when September swings around. Yes, the end of the season is near. No longer can we count on every day being a sunny, warm and being able to skate without lights and a generator until 9:30 in the evening. The plus side to all of this is that when it is sunny it's the most perfect time for skating. A light sweater for protection just incase you do happen to get roughed up all the while remaining comfortable and not sweating buckets...ah yes, perfection. Below is a good example of a perfect fall weekend: sunny and perfection temperatures.


It's Beaster! Caballerial.

Met up with Tyler O'Grady and he wanted to
huck at some stair case switch stance. I obliged.

Put your hands in the air, it's Sunday and

Mitch got down with
a noseslide.

Jamie backed him up going switch-footed.

There were a few minute kinks to be worked

Jesse, front lip.

"The Dark and Sad side of
Christopher Quick" coming to
a theatre near you!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

On Point

It always seems like long weekends suddenly sneak up on us skateboarders and plans to get some solid shredding done never actually see the light of day -until this past weekend. What better a crew to make it happen with the often-ten-deep-or-more Windsor guys. Shred sticks with their respectful owners came from all over -Oshawa, Windsor, Orangeville and myself, Kitchener. Even after nights of heavy partying we were all somehow coordinated enough to beat mother nature as she rained off and on every couple hours and would throw in heavy wind storms here and there. No holds were barred when it came to skating spots. If someone had something in mind we made it happen regardless of distance...within reason of course. One day we were even out and skating by 9:30 in the morning. That's some serious dedication when it comes to talking about skateboarders!

Warm up spot, Vanderhoof. It was probably
around 10:30am when we shot this which meant
we had already been shredding for an hour.

Jesse, 5050 ollie past the curb.

Jamie, boardslide with ease.

Over the course of the weekend we couldn't
tell whether the rain meant packing up or
just waiting it out.

We waited it out.

Mikey, front blunt to fakie.

Andrew lent us the bungee for the day.
Deadly fun indeed. Mikey Plantus isn't ever
allowed to be near one of these things again.

I can only imagine what you're thinking right

Jesse hitting it backside.

Dillon, Dy-lon, Pilon, hardflip.

Over and out. weekend?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

That griptape....

Spent the last couple days with some of the London crew and checked out the new Emerica video "Stay Gold" with them on Wednesday. Check out some photos below for the antics.

Colin, switch boardslide.

He said the shop ran out of regular griptape,
I'm calling bullshit. Either way that grip is

....shake junt for life I guess.