Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toronto/Sauga Weekend

Shoot, it's been a few weeks since Aaron, Isaac and Joel and I took a trip down to the Mississauga/Toronto area so here is the log of a mellow yet fun two days. We stayed with another photog Peter so we got some dope double angles. On one of the days we also met up with a few dudes that went by names of Chris, Dan and Taylor. The first day was rather unfortunate, aside from skating back and forth from a few spots trying to get some tricks and not get busted, we ended up at one of the lamest shops ever. Dude took a half hour to grip Chris' new board, we had to get out of that scene and booted it as soon as Chris had deck in hands. Isaac did manage to snag this dope gap to front tail at Cloud Park. Soon after he decided it'd be nice to just put it down to fakie, and sure enough he did with ease.

The next day was pretty mellow. Chris, Dan and Taylor had all departed by this time so it was up to Isaac, Aaron and Joel to make shit happen for some photos. We started the day off with a McDonald's breakfast. You know, not something I was too stoked on (nor did I trust it very much either), but all went down well and we were fueled to start throwing shit down. Joel got a dope sequence that Peter shot down the Mississauga down manny pad and then we went to shred some pretty cool ditches. Got some nice shots there and decided it was time to pack up and head home back to Kitchener.

Thanks for the stay Peter!

Chris booking through an alley way

Joel and Aaron joking around

Isaac bs ollie from level to level

Friday, October 26, 2007

We aren't dead yet.

I know I was rather bummed out when I made the end of summer post but I've come to realize that we aren't anywhere near dead yet. Weekend-ly trips to Toronto, London and other cities are happening and everyone is throwing down. Some new spots have been found (super fun ones at that) so I'm having a blast, nothing is better than finding a new spot in your city to shoot.

see, told you we(Aaron) were getting footy

Drew zooming on a filmer board

Isaac, crookenstein

Joel, frontboard.

Isaac with a high crook in London

Keep your eyes peeled, gunna drop a big post before snow falls and then taking a trip in December. Big Tings!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


What a dope night. I got a call from Aaron at about 1030pm asking me to skate and come and shoot because a crew from Brantford was in town with lights and a gas am I to say no to that? Cutting to the chase, the first spot we hit was the gap to rail, it was pretty jacked up if I do say so myself. We got a few nice tricks on that and moved on to the City Hall Big 4 where we got kicked out almost as soon as we ripped the generator out, lame, but not much was going to go down on account of the huge garden hoses and over-grown run way. Last spot of the night, closing in on 1:30am we hit this dope loading dock to bank that I've been eying for some time now. Shit popped off there to put it quite bluntly. I think Jamie put down 6 or 7 tricks in total. Beep beep. The night was pretty damn dope, gotta give it up to Derek and the rest of them dudes, airsoft fights and pretty much stopping our cars on the highway to throw shit at each other was pretty intense.

and topping it off with a perfect switch frontside fleez.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's over.

Well, the summer has basically come to a close. Only 6 more days until the school year officially kicks off. I'm going into grade 11 and somewhat looking forward to it, only because I'm going to be doing some photo work for a co-op class. Anyways, I can safely say this summer was top notch, I have no complaints. I'd bet I was busy everyday, out shooting skating and having a blast. One point of proof would be my Flickr account. In the middle of June I was at a 99% upload rate and almost wasn't aloud to put anymore photos on for the month, I love it. Along with that, I've had my fair share of London, Toronto and outer city trips. The Power Shoes team came to the park and everyone got to cruise around with them. There's too much to say really and I don't really know what else to put down here. I think all the skaters in K-W had a blast too, because whenever I was skating, they were too, probably putting in a ton of more work than me. Well I just want to thank everyone I've shot with this summer, whether it's dealing with me and a camera malfunction or me hassling you to stomp that trick clean, thanks alot, because half the battle is getting you in the photo, right? Well whatever, here's to the summer of 2007, thanks for that!

Joel - Ollie into a hill

Ben - bs nosegrind shove out

James Craig - noseblunt bigspin

Dayne Brummet and Willy Santos chillin' out

Josh - pole jam over gap to drop

Dalton - ollie over a 13 rail + pole

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just a few randoms for the lovers

Here are a few random photos I've shot over the past weeks that weren't on any specific skate mission or trip, I like them and maybe you will too. Enjoy.

Aaron...crail stall on some grimey banks

Aaron again..front lip on a 3 up 3 down

Erik..busting a huge ollie over a fence

kitchener travels

I've been shooting friggin' tons lately, I'm not complaining at all. Almost everyday it's wake up, talk to whoever, go skate and get some photos, I love it. Anton got his plane ticket extended for another week to shred the gnar here in Kitchener and that only meant hitting up any spot we could. On this very day we went to the Stanley rail (again), the Fairview Euro gap and then made some stupid kicker in a parking lot. Deep crews, no doubt. So good, summer is a fucking blast thus far.

Eric...he's got game this time, a proper back feeble.

Scott crook on that stupid kicker

Scott front shuv luv at the Euro...PoPz!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Andrew and Anton invited Kody, Scott and I to come to Toronto for the day, and I must admit it was pretty sick. We only really skated two spots, but during the time we locked some nice tricks and footy and even met up with some friends from London. To start the day off, we arrived at the Skydome Banks. There was a Jays' game happening so you know it was a bit hectic but fun because everyone liked to stop and watch Scott try and throw down his bs tailslide. So, I'm set up, Anton's setting up but then realizes his camera won't turn on -they forgot the damn tape at home. So whatever, Kody and Anton go out looking for a place to buy a tape while Scott, Andrew and I stay at the banks to try and get Scott's trick. Well, we do, and it was actually right before Kody and Anton pulled up, so Scott does his trick...again! Next we get some food and head off to CBC where we got some footy off some ledge and over a garbage can. Pretty good day, I enjoyed most of it.

PS: Free samples are sick, free samples that you steal are even better.

Scott back tail on the Skydome banks

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ottawa mang!

For the long weekend (a while ago, I know), Scott and I were in Ottawa. It was sick, kind of like a skate trip cause we had our own hotel room and we could just do whatever we wanted whenever. We were basically down the street from the heart of downtown, Top of the World and the Rideau (sp?) Centre. It was a little bummin' one night cause it was a bit chilly and rainy so we tried to skate inside the mall...I guess somewhere along the way we ended up getting kicked out. I had no idea we weren't allowed to skate inside the Rideau Centre. Aside from that, we did find some pretty sick spots. Good chill time, for sure.

Scott kickflip the big two

Scott bs flip the big two on the other side..holla!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

twin activities

Isaac and Joel picked me up and we went driving around for some spots and ideas. Isaac was really fired up to skate and Joel landed another trick so I was pumped to shoot and skate with them. We got a couple of photos at the ditch and Joel even landed a nollie fs heel over the drain know it was sick. After we went Uptown and check this rail to get some gnar popz over. I ended up shooting a doubles photo.

Isaac and Joel...double ollie, GnArLy!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

warehouse pt.2

Met up with Dave and Scott at the abandoned warehouse, took a few better pictures this time and overall was really happy. Dave got a couple tricks on film but Scott was bummin' out because prior to this session he had ran into a parked car (don't even ask), so he popped about 6 Tylenol's and about 45minutes later he was in tip-top shape and ready to skate. We also broke alot, and I mean alot of windows, Dave even filmed a "skit" of me pretending to be a cop. Nevermind about that though. Enjoy!

Scott backside nosegrind..stomped this one too!

Scott front lip

Monday, April 23, 2007

Water kills...Tricks into hills (installment vol.3)

I met up with James and Isaac at the park on a super nice day. We decided to head to the ditch to see if we could get any shots and Isaac generously re-did his kickflip just for a sequence. Both Isaac and James had their boards and shoes dipped into the water...twice. James ended up losing a bolt there so we peaced the spot.

James and I dropped Isaac off only to pick Damien up at the park where we went to Boardzone to say goodbye's to Justin and then head to this simple new spot James was eying. Looks can be deceving though, the bottom of the hill was a pile of rock death...James and Dames rolled through it though.

Isaac, kickflip ditch gap

Damien, tre bomb in

James, pokie ollie into the hill

6 Boards, red rails, a new filmer, some green benches and a big ass sign (installment vol.2)

Behold, St. Greg's. I pulled into the parking lot with Kody to find Steve killing himself on a front board and Colton slipping out of a kickflip front board. I went straight to shooting some sequences but no dice. We kept on with the night and the filmer from Guelph, Minh, showed up with these two guys Byron and Harrison. Isaac got a sick line but we decided that the spot was boring so we moved on to the sign where we got a few pictures. The night wasn't too productive but I got some nice pictures so I was satisfied.

Isaac, front nose the sign

Scope that footy!

staaaaaanleeey! (installment vol.1)

I was hanging out at the park and not-seriously chatting about the Stanley Park rail with a few friends and Eric decides on the spot he's gunna feeble it, so I run hope, get my gear, call up Dalton and tell him to meet us there and we're off. The sun was setting so we had to make quick time, Dalton got a front board, JC got a rolled ankle from a front feeb-attempt and Eric almost got the feebs, it got too dark for him to see so he stopped, I don't blame him though. Also, Mike nutted himself on the rail first try, it was hilarious...according to him it didn't hurt though.

Dalton, front board

Thursday, March 15, 2007


There's this spot in Kitchener called the mini hubbas with this super fun hill to bomb. Out of nowhere, Palmer finds this insane little ledge on the side of the hill that has never been touched before, waxes it up and it's the new hotspot in town. It's called Frisco because it's like a "San Francisco spot". Hill bomb, hit the ledge, cruise, whatever, blah blah, it's the funnest spot I've ever skated in a while, the thing eats your trucks though (and maybe you if you aren't careful). Here are some photos over the past week shot at Frisco, enjoy brosef.

Erik fs 5-0

Thursday, February 22, 2007

more UG.......

I'm getting kind of tired of having to shoot in this underground grave-type thing. I was so hyped that night though because it was two degrees out...snow was melting...sun was out, it even smelt like Spring and the birds were singing.

Gay emotional moment, sorry.

Then, the next morning we get slammed with a mini blizzard and the weahter is back in the negatives. Mother Nature is a bitch.

Whatever, Chad brought this sweet plastic bench and this Aaron Wynia kid from Ayr (their main source of transport there is horse+buggy) to the UG (Underground for those who don't know) to spice it up a little and it was tons of fun. Shot some cool pics and even had to re-visit the purple wall. That was it though guys, I can't shoot the purple wall anymore, I've killed it, sorry.


Chad Inward Heel (favourite of the night)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I want that Purple stuff...

It's Canada. It's winter. And there's snow. Pretty bummed out on my end but Isaac, Joel and I decided we'd skate up the Underground (haha?) for a bit and then goof around with the camera. We found this awesome purple wall just chilling in the middle of the, why not put it to good use?!

Joel with a switch heel


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