Sunday, July 08, 2007


Andrew and Anton invited Kody, Scott and I to come to Toronto for the day, and I must admit it was pretty sick. We only really skated two spots, but during the time we locked some nice tricks and footy and even met up with some friends from London. To start the day off, we arrived at the Skydome Banks. There was a Jays' game happening so you know it was a bit hectic but fun because everyone liked to stop and watch Scott try and throw down his bs tailslide. So, I'm set up, Anton's setting up but then realizes his camera won't turn on -they forgot the damn tape at home. So whatever, Kody and Anton go out looking for a place to buy a tape while Scott, Andrew and I stay at the banks to try and get Scott's trick. Well, we do, and it was actually right before Kody and Anton pulled up, so Scott does his trick...again! Next we get some food and head off to CBC where we got some footy off some ledge and over a garbage can. Pretty good day, I enjoyed most of it.

PS: Free samples are sick, free samples that you steal are even better.

Scott back tail on the Skydome banks

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