Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ottawa mang!

For the long weekend (a while ago, I know), Scott and I were in Ottawa. It was sick, kind of like a skate trip cause we had our own hotel room and we could just do whatever we wanted whenever. We were basically down the street from the heart of downtown, Top of the World and the Rideau (sp?) Centre. It was a little bummin' one night cause it was a bit chilly and rainy so we tried to skate inside the mall...I guess somewhere along the way we ended up getting kicked out. I had no idea we weren't allowed to skate inside the Rideau Centre. Aside from that, we did find some pretty sick spots. Good chill time, for sure.

Scott kickflip the big two

Scott bs flip the big two on the other side..holla!


Anonymous said...

sick pics man


Chad! said...

you never cease to amazing me....