Saturday, April 16, 2011

Patching Things Up

With mother nature becoming less and less of the harsh mistress she used to be a few familiar faces and myself have been dodging work hours to get out and do some skating. Nothing overly exciting here but have a look below for some fun.

I really need to watch what I say. A week or so
before I shot this I was talking an incredible
amount of shit on grass/dirt gaps. Ah well...
Scott, frontside heelflip.

Headed to Guelph to meet up with Byron and
Colin. This was the first spot of the day.

Spot checking....

Sam snacking out. Brought two cans of
spaghetti and a can opener to get things crackin'.

Who doesn't like a fresh strip of bondo?

Tyler waxing his wheel wells.

...and that is how you absorb impact my friends.
This is an actual frame from the land too.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Swing....and a miss.

While most skaters are itching to get back out into the streets, I, myself have been feeling a little sluggish trying to get back into the swing of things. Have no fear, as soon as mother nature stops throwing some heavy curve (snow)balls at us every other week this blog should fill up with a bit more photo content. In the meantime, indulge below, my friends.

Mitch, frontside flip. One of those, "But dude,
you were so close!" type of situations.

Drew, getting urban downtown Toronto with
a front crook to fakie.

Isaac, backside noseblunt at a very rad DIY spot
in Toronto. The utmost respect goes out to
whoever built this - sometimes skateboarders
amaze me.

Scott and I managed to get out one night while
the streets were temporarily skatable. Ollie
the hydrant to 5050 the curb.

Beaster, backside noseblunt. This little buddy's
interview just came out in Kingshit. Bow Digga
showed me his footage in Barcelona last winter
and my basic reaction was, "I need to shoot with
this dude." That being said, I'm stoked to have
gone out shooting with you bud! Good work.