Friday, July 29, 2011

43 Magazine

Allen Ying is an amazing skate photographer living in NYC. He's start up his own (PRINT!) magazine and needs donations for it to see the light of day. Check the link for info and get a donation going.

If there's one thing I can stand by, it's knowing that the quality(content and actual paper stock) of this magazine is going to be amazing. Don't hesitate, check out the donation link and Allen's website and blog below.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Something like a heatwave...

As of late, southern Ontario has been experiencing a brutal heat wave keeping some of us indoors until the sun goes down late in the day. The sun has been on a ruthless mission forcing skateboarders into the deep end of pools during the day only to let us come out for a few hours at night for some shredding.

A quick weekend trip to Cadillac, Michigan.

Paul Machnau was in Kitchener for a week and
a bit and laid down some tricks. Here he is
checking one out.

An antique store in Cadillac. Can't make this
stuff up.

Mikey, front board in Toledo, Ohio.