Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Work, No Play

Yesterday it snowed and every skateboarder's heart plummeted to an all time low, all the memories of the brutal winter had come back all too fast. On the other hand, today WAS a new day so the sun decided to come out and warm the city up. A bunch of us met up at the park and decided to head out to do some spot checking. Spot A was a no go. The place needed a little fixer-upper and the owner was not feeling it so we decided to move on. While we drove on Scott scoped a spot with his oh-so-sharp eyes and he got down to business in no time. Unfortunately, it was a church and a guy there wasn't too happy with us shredding for Jesus so we snapped a quick flick and went to meet up with Josh, Rich and Jordan at the parkade. Josh got a quick line an once again, we got the boot. It felt like today was the day to hate skateboarders but the crew did what we do best: kept skating. On the road again, we went to check a new spot where Scott got down to biz(again). Things didn't work out as planned and Scooter broke a board trying a trick. Gary, being the good ol' friend he is, lent him his board and unfortunately, it took the same road and got broke. Everyone decided that the night had come to a close and it was getting chilly. Peep the flicks!

Tools of the trade

Scooter spot

Next spot was pretty good

Scott, warm up frontside 180.

Technical difficulties.

By the way, the play comes later.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday night is party night.

Like usual, I was getting off work and the clouds were just clearing out of the sky. I headed on over to the park to meet up with none other than Scott, Mack and Luc. We went to check out this sketchy bank Scott had been eyeing for some time and snapped a quick flick. Right after, Taig met us at the spot and we decided that for any further skating to take place the bank would need a fixer-upper...moving on. For some reason, the chunk ledge seems to be all the rage lately. I have no idea why because it's exactly what it's named after, chunky as fuck. Regardless, Scott and Mack went to town with wax on that big boy and got it grinding and sliding smooth as butter. Everyone got some goods and were about to head on our way. Little did any of us know, the party was not happening at the spot, but rather across the street. You usually don't expect to be confronted by eight (drunk) university chicks, but we were. What was their mission, you may ask? Well, their good friend needed 'slut' points and in order to get them, she had to make out with random dudes. The rest is history...peep the flicks!

Scott, ollie in.

Mackdawg, lipslide pop-outs like woah!

The Dance Crew.

Scott Varney, coppin' tricks and

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The saying is true, you learn something new everyday. Today was the day I learned that I probably won't go back to Guelph. Today was sort of a mess. The sky, clear and blue, was pretty deceiving as it was actually cold and windy out. The spot was rough, the setup was haggard and Byron still had a heel bruise. Byron got his trick and got totally worked. In the end, I drove to Guelph to skate for a couple hours in the cold. Probably never going to happen again. You live and learn!

Falling short...

Perfect ground, bro.

It was so cold Arthur and I had
to hold hands.

"Looks like I'm sleeping on my stomach tonight."

Getting close with the ground.

Shit happens.

The Mack is Back

It was the second last day of March break and looking sort of gloomy outside. I was at work and really fiending to get some some skating and shooting done. After all, this glorious week of skate was coming to a close and I wanted to get something poppin' off. While I was eating my lunch, I got a friendly phone call from my good friend Mackenzie. The young gun told me that he was back in town from his trip and was down to shred. After he hung up, I got my text message thumbs raging and started to get some plans happening. It came time to get off work and a bunch of us went from the skatepark to the downtown core to meet up with even more people. At this point, the crew consisted of Greg, Kody, Josh, Scott, a hungover Columbian(Lucas), Allan, Mack, Gary and myself. Amazingly, we collectively agreed on skating the white bank up in Waterloo so we went on our way. If you've ever skated there before, you can imagine that nine people zipping up and down the hill there is sort of crazy, and it was. After a while, people got bored and it was just a few people shredding around. A bunch of the homies got their flicks so check 'em below.

Allan, switch 5-0 to regs.

Mackenzie, pop-and-lock backside tailslide.

Kody, switch bluntslide shove out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Night Riding

As I was getting off work the colour of the sky didn't look very promising. That, and it was getting sort of late to meet up and get a session happening. Anyway, thanks to the nice weather we've been having, the night wasn't that chilly so Kody, Scott, Josh and I decided to try and make something of it. On the way to check out a spot Kody had peeped earlier on, we discovered another one that Scott went straight to work on. We even found a good free-running/parkour spot while Scott as getting down to biz. Totally sick...bro!

Anyways, we got to this next grime-time spot that Kody found. Whether he was joking or not, Scott put it best by saying that this new spot was a gold mine. Sketchy banks and shitty ground made this spot awesome, so awesome that we're going to go back. Kody got a quick photo and off we went to the next spot...the night was not done!

Final spot, 10:30pm, middle of a busy road, basically it was perfection. Josh messed around at super-sketchy high speeds(sooo dangerous) until we got a good photo. A good way to end the night, I say. Everyone got photos tonight too which was a plus. Just as we were packing up, a cop rolled up and told us to leave. Too bad he didn't know we were done, fool. Check the flicks below.

The usual suspects.

Scott, back 180.

Scott in the bonezone.

Kody, ollie into the grit bank.

Josh making curb-cut fantasies come true
with this beefy ollie.

A breath of fresh air

It's March break, the sun is shining, the temperature is in the (positive) double digits and everyone is out skating. God damn, it feels good! Snow banks have been reduced to minuscule piles on the side of the road and the only real remnants of them is the sand and salt on the road. It's a nice feeling to step outside and and just cruise down the street, no doubt about it. All the signs are pointing to one thing, and that's the beginning of a new season.

The past few days I've been out and about with the likes of Dalton, Colton, Byron, Arthur, Aaron, Cameron and a few others. Check the flicks below for some exciting, spring-filled photos. Take note of the tshirts and lack of winter jackets as well.

Colton, heelflip up and over.

Aaron, wallride.

Cameron, polejam.

Oh, we caught this hottie outside of the spot.
After Aaron took the picture, she got really
stoked and said, "Fuck yeah bitchez I'm
gunna be famous!" Tres cool.