Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Mack is Back

It was the second last day of March break and looking sort of gloomy outside. I was at work and really fiending to get some some skating and shooting done. After all, this glorious week of skate was coming to a close and I wanted to get something poppin' off. While I was eating my lunch, I got a friendly phone call from my good friend Mackenzie. The young gun told me that he was back in town from his trip and was down to shred. After he hung up, I got my text message thumbs raging and started to get some plans happening. It came time to get off work and a bunch of us went from the skatepark to the downtown core to meet up with even more people. At this point, the crew consisted of Greg, Kody, Josh, Scott, a hungover Columbian(Lucas), Allan, Mack, Gary and myself. Amazingly, we collectively agreed on skating the white bank up in Waterloo so we went on our way. If you've ever skated there before, you can imagine that nine people zipping up and down the hill there is sort of crazy, and it was. After a while, people got bored and it was just a few people shredding around. A bunch of the homies got their flicks so check 'em below.

Allan, switch 5-0 to regs.

Mackenzie, pop-and-lock backside tailslide.

Kody, switch bluntslide shove out.

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