Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Night Riding

As I was getting off work the colour of the sky didn't look very promising. That, and it was getting sort of late to meet up and get a session happening. Anyway, thanks to the nice weather we've been having, the night wasn't that chilly so Kody, Scott, Josh and I decided to try and make something of it. On the way to check out a spot Kody had peeped earlier on, we discovered another one that Scott went straight to work on. We even found a good free-running/parkour spot while Scott as getting down to biz. Totally sick...bro!

Anyways, we got to this next grime-time spot that Kody found. Whether he was joking or not, Scott put it best by saying that this new spot was a gold mine. Sketchy banks and shitty ground made this spot awesome, so awesome that we're going to go back. Kody got a quick photo and off we went to the next spot...the night was not done!

Final spot, 10:30pm, middle of a busy road, basically it was perfection. Josh messed around at super-sketchy high speeds(sooo dangerous) until we got a good photo. A good way to end the night, I say. Everyone got photos tonight too which was a plus. Just as we were packing up, a cop rolled up and told us to leave. Too bad he didn't know we were done, fool. Check the flicks below.

The usual suspects.

Scott, back 180.

Scott in the bonezone.

Kody, ollie into the grit bank.

Josh making curb-cut fantasies come true
with this beefy ollie.

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