Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday night is party night.

Like usual, I was getting off work and the clouds were just clearing out of the sky. I headed on over to the park to meet up with none other than Scott, Mack and Luc. We went to check out this sketchy bank Scott had been eyeing for some time and snapped a quick flick. Right after, Taig met us at the spot and we decided that for any further skating to take place the bank would need a fixer-upper...moving on. For some reason, the chunk ledge seems to be all the rage lately. I have no idea why because it's exactly what it's named after, chunky as fuck. Regardless, Scott and Mack went to town with wax on that big boy and got it grinding and sliding smooth as butter. Everyone got some goods and were about to head on our way. Little did any of us know, the party was not happening at the spot, but rather across the street. You usually don't expect to be confronted by eight (drunk) university chicks, but we were. What was their mission, you may ask? Well, their good friend needed 'slut' points and in order to get them, she had to make out with random dudes. The rest is history...peep the flicks!

Scott, ollie in.

Mackdawg, lipslide pop-outs like woah!

The Dance Crew.

Scott Varney, coppin' tricks and

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