Monday, September 28, 2009

Absolute Neglect

It's been almost a month since I've updated my blog which means I've been nagged for the past three weeks or so to update my blog. The regular weekend trips to London almost end with me wanting to kill Jordan because he doesn't stop telling me how lazy I am and how shitty my blog is without a new post. He might just be the only dude that checks this thing though. Regardless, check out the last month in photos!

Getting to skate this spot is rare. Isaac, front

Surfs up bro! Colin, nose manny nollie 3 shove.

The only sequence that matters. Byron, crail grab.

Colin checkin' his stee.

Joel, front blunt to fakie.

"I always slam on manny's"

Anthony McManus showed up
one day to break dance.

Colin, warm up 5050.

Isaac, crook.

Gavin rolled his ankle because of this so I'm
throwing it up. Back smith.

Until next time...whenever that may be.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Like a Glove

I've been back down in Michigan since last Thursday and will be here for the next week or so. As usual plenty of good times and laughs have already been had and more on their way...we've been doing some skateboarding too. Totally unskate-related, I had a cashier throw a Canadian coin back at me while growling "No Canadian!" Is the dollar that bad? Check the photos below and good vibes will word.

Went to Ann Arbor for a day.

Tony, frontside flip.

Adam didn't land this wallride
nollie out but it's pretty.


Ben, heelflip. This spot is

Alex always has an eye for
cool tricks, spots, photos or
all of the above in one. Here
he flexes his artistic mind with
a frontside 5-0.

And again, 5050 pop up.

Sheer patriotism.

More to come...duh.