Monday, December 28, 2009

Will Jivcoff Video

Took one last road trip to Michigan before I head out for the next two months. Ben gave us a place to stay and his mom hooked us up with a fat breakfast each morning along with some other goodies. Did some after sessioning at Landslide and caught up with the homies for the last bit of 2009. See you in 2010 suckers!

Real street December!

Ben got a new camera.

Anything you can ever imagine
finding is in here.

Just being an big deal.

It's cold again.

Now for some footy!

Ben did a line.

Isaac did a new trick.

Joel did a line too.

Mike also dropped in to do a hammer.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A snowy, cold hell.

Yes, it's winter. Yes, we're in hibernation. Do you need a better reason to watch a skate video? I think not! Do yourself a favor and watch "City of New Lights" filmed by Jarvis Nigelesky and with parts from a bunch of west coast heavy hitters by the likes of Chad Dickson, Dustin Montie, Spencer Hamilton, Lee Saunders and many others.

You were expecting photos, weren't you? If you can wait three weeks I'll have some goods for you. I know, I know, it's going to be hard but it will be worth it.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Keeping it Local

The past couple weekends it seems like I've been doing some more skating around Kitchener and inviting people to come skate the plentiful amount of spots that we have here...if you'd like to call them that. In the end it's not only productive but ends up being a lot more fun knowing that the spots around here still have some life and offering in them. Take a look below to see what I mean.

Drew with some fancy footwork. Frontside 5-0 backside
bigspin out.

Scott, kickflip.

A frontside Matt Smith grind.

Joel, polejam manny.

Colin, crook.

Colin went to war with this 
hubba. Backside 5-0.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's put an egg in our shoes and...

It appears that the temperatures this week are going to start making a steady climb into the double digits and today it started it's venture upward. Ben and I met up at the park to take care of some business at the dirty gap before meeting up with a few others. After that we took off to Laurier to check out what the new spots had to offer and had some fun there. Upon arriving Sir Matt Pancer also decided to show up after being out with an injury for pretty much the entire summer. As we were vacating the campus the agro security guard with a heavy Irish accent that all the skaters around here are befriending tried arresting us...better luck next time bud.

Back in action and saucier
than ever.

Security is doing their job well
these days. 
Lucas, almost-noseblunt.

First day back and hoppin'
on hubbas? Not quite, no need
to risk another injury. Here's
to another five years!
Matt, noseslide.

Original Yolkster Ben Locke, bump to bump
 tre flip.

Ben, backside biggy.

Until ne- will there even be a next time?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Potentially Dead

Since the season is coming to an end very fast us skaters are scrambling to make plans to skate and scrounge every last day that the weather is in the double digits. Unfortunately the double digit-temperatures have come and gone and by the looks of it they aren't coming back for many months. Because of the long weekend I was able to cram some heavy skating and as I sit here typing this update I'm starting to realize it may very well have been the last weekend we'll have for skating at all. The frost and snow warnings at night kill any hope of skating for much longer than another two weeks at the most. The life story of a skateboarder on the east coast....

The next stop for Danny Way.

Relax, Lucas did not fall in while doing this

Potential future room mate
Jordan Moss got down with
a front smith.

Mitch Donovan, another 
potential roommate. 

Tim, hard flip with ease.

I had never met Dillon before this night but
he showed up and started blazing these nollie
heel's down this new 3 flat 3. I felt obliged to
shoot a photo.

Another new homie. Cole, front

Until next time. This may be a very long time.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Love Skateboards Promo

The good homies over at Love Skateboards put a new promo up to build some hype for their new video which is due during winter 2010. Do yourself a favour and head over to their site to check it and their other goods out.

Ben Schwandt, heelflip.

Drew Williams, wallie frontside 180.

Isaac Watamaniuk, backside 180 switch 
nosegrind revert.

Joel Watamaniuk, front
blunt to fakie.

Ben Locke, ollie out backside kickflip.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Absolute Neglect

It's been almost a month since I've updated my blog which means I've been nagged for the past three weeks or so to update my blog. The regular weekend trips to London almost end with me wanting to kill Jordan because he doesn't stop telling me how lazy I am and how shitty my blog is without a new post. He might just be the only dude that checks this thing though. Regardless, check out the last month in photos!

Getting to skate this spot is rare. Isaac, front

Surfs up bro! Colin, nose manny nollie 3 shove.

The only sequence that matters. Byron, crail grab.

Colin checkin' his stee.

Joel, front blunt to fakie.

"I always slam on manny's"

Anthony McManus showed up
one day to break dance.

Colin, warm up 5050.

Isaac, crook.

Gavin rolled his ankle because of this so I'm
throwing it up. Back smith.

Until next time...whenever that may be.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Like a Glove

I've been back down in Michigan since last Thursday and will be here for the next week or so. As usual plenty of good times and laughs have already been had and more on their way...we've been doing some skateboarding too. Totally unskate-related, I had a cashier throw a Canadian coin back at me while growling "No Canadian!" Is the dollar that bad? Check the photos below and good vibes will word.

Went to Ann Arbor for a day.

Tony, frontside flip.

Adam didn't land this wallride
nollie out but it's pretty.


Ben, heelflip. This spot is

Alex always has an eye for
cool tricks, spots, photos or
all of the above in one. Here
he flexes his artistic mind with
a frontside 5-0.

And again, 5050 pop up.

Sheer patriotism.

More to come...duh.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Homeland

As August comes to a close I realize(and am thankful) that I wasn' back home in Canada all that much. Below are some goods in between travels of California and a final Michigan trip. Enjoy.

Even getting the time to sweep away the rocks
at this spot is lucky. On this day we had the
skate gods' blessings. Isaac, frontside wallride.

Joel met Tony Hawk one day.

KBye coming soon. For now, a focus test at TD.

Colin, crookie.

Byron, back up back lip.

Byron got scared.

Lucas, crailslide.

Next up...Michigan!