Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's put an egg in our shoes and...

It appears that the temperatures this week are going to start making a steady climb into the double digits and today it started it's venture upward. Ben and I met up at the park to take care of some business at the dirty gap before meeting up with a few others. After that we took off to Laurier to check out what the new spots had to offer and had some fun there. Upon arriving Sir Matt Pancer also decided to show up after being out with an injury for pretty much the entire summer. As we were vacating the campus the agro security guard with a heavy Irish accent that all the skaters around here are befriending tried arresting us...better luck next time bud.

Back in action and saucier
than ever.

Security is doing their job well
these days. 
Lucas, almost-noseblunt.

First day back and hoppin'
on hubbas? Not quite, no need
to risk another injury. Here's
to another five years!
Matt, noseslide.

Original Yolkster Ben Locke, bump to bump
 tre flip.

Ben, backside biggy.

Until ne- will there even be a next time?

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