Monday, October 12, 2009

Potentially Dead

Since the season is coming to an end very fast us skaters are scrambling to make plans to skate and scrounge every last day that the weather is in the double digits. Unfortunately the double digit-temperatures have come and gone and by the looks of it they aren't coming back for many months. Because of the long weekend I was able to cram some heavy skating and as I sit here typing this update I'm starting to realize it may very well have been the last weekend we'll have for skating at all. The frost and snow warnings at night kill any hope of skating for much longer than another two weeks at the most. The life story of a skateboarder on the east coast....

The next stop for Danny Way.

Relax, Lucas did not fall in while doing this

Potential future room mate
Jordan Moss got down with
a front smith.

Mitch Donovan, another 
potential roommate. 

Tim, hard flip with ease.

I had never met Dillon before this night but
he showed up and started blazing these nollie
heel's down this new 3 flat 3. I felt obliged to
shoot a photo.

Another new homie. Cole, front

Until next time. This may be a very long time.

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P.P. de Meijer said...

That 5-0 is so sick!