Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Land

First off, all apologies to everyone that may have been expecting constant updates from the road while the gang and I were in Florida. Believe me, I had every intention of doing so but eventually getting back to the hotel at 10pm and updating your blog becomes a little low on the priority list. Things like food, beer and sleep usually take over. That being the case, I'm cramming this post full of photo goodies and stories from the road. Enjoy!

Jamie got a little broke off at this spot...

Then Hugo barged Jamie's session.
"Oh maaaan I want an epic hero shot too!"

These jerks barged our session at the brick
quarter pipes. Look close!

Bow Digga, feeble stall.

Checkerboard spot in Atlanta.

Why is this here? Epic spots.

Hilliard, light test.

Jamie, kinky 5050 on a filmer board
downtown Miami.

Jamie, epic face.

Mikey, more epic spots.

Dan Ray, 5050.

Hugo, wallie over....

but not before he threw some gang signs.

Mitch "That's Gang Related" Pryma, 5050
past the curb.

A sad, sad man named Sonny
that we met at the spot. Hopefully
he's still alive right now.

Hugo on the hunt for some crocs while we
stopped in 'gator country.

Some cool trees by a spot we were skating.

Spring break? More like SPRING FRANK!
Yes that is Mitch Pryma.

Downtown Miami at night.

A young gunner(seriously) having some fun
on my board.

I shot this timelapse on our drive from
Windsor to Florida beginning with frigid snow
and ending up in the beautiful sunny weather.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Down to Business

Dan Ray's mom has been putting us up for the past couple days while we enjoy the splendors of clean beds, blankets, a pool and properly cooked meals. Fort Myers is so small and skateboarding is banned everywhere around the downtown area so we've quickly worn out our welcome around here. We managed to makenames for ourselves and got red flagged in a matter of days. Tomorrow we're going to try and take care of some last minute spots and then off we head to the land of paying for hotels, Miami. Take a peek at the photos below to see that we haven't been completely slacking.

We like to start our days right in the morning.

Jamie, feeble at a chuddy barrier spot.

Later on. Filming lines at the beach.

This spot had a shiny floor.

Dan Ray, ollie.

The next day. Trying to get out a little earlier
to be the sun and humidity.

Quick contemplates.

Mikey, back lip. Talk about

He got so fired up he went on
and did this!

Backside angle on Mikey's
backside lipslide. Check that back
foot! Sheesh!


On Saturday I headed to Florida to skate and get some business done with the likes of Hill Sulpher, Jamie Jeffrey, Mikey Plantus, Chris Quick, Bow Digga, Dan Ray, Mitch Pryma, Glencoe Hogle and Hugo Balek. We kept ourselves busy on the road with energy drinks and beef jerky that gave us food poisoning and immediately started cutting our pants into shorts as soon as we hit Fort Myers. The journey was a long one but we made it. Here's to the next two weeks of sun and shredding!

Mikey, packing up the truck in Windsor.

This guy!

So long, snow.

Seeing a little less now.

Seeing little to none.

Stopping for a quick stretch.

Who's driving next? Yeah right...

Passed through Cincinatti. There is potential
you might see some photos from there in the

Another rest stop this time with wild cats.


In awe and amazement at the menu of
Waffle House.

Joann showing us some love in Kentucky.
Thanks woman!

Back on the road...

Another rest stop. Is there a better feeling
than pissing on the door of the bathroom?

Sketchy, thick night fog.

7am, another rest stop. We found out really
quick that their "Free Juice" was not so free...
or existent.

Florida hype!

More of this.


Testing the's good! We aren't
home free without a little...

Food poisoning and puke. Sketchy
gas station beef jerky will do it
to you.

NOW we're home free!