Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Down to Business

Dan Ray's mom has been putting us up for the past couple days while we enjoy the splendors of clean beds, blankets, a pool and properly cooked meals. Fort Myers is so small and skateboarding is banned everywhere around the downtown area so we've quickly worn out our welcome around here. We managed to makenames for ourselves and got red flagged in a matter of days. Tomorrow we're going to try and take care of some last minute spots and then off we head to the land of paying for hotels, Miami. Take a peek at the photos below to see that we haven't been completely slacking.

We like to start our days right in the morning.

Jamie, feeble at a chuddy barrier spot.

Later on. Filming lines at the beach.

This spot had a shiny floor.

Dan Ray, ollie.

The next day. Trying to get out a little earlier
to be the sun and humidity.

Quick contemplates.

Mikey, back lip. Talk about

He got so fired up he went on
and did this!

Backside angle on Mikey's
backside lipslide. Check that back
foot! Sheesh!

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