Sunday, August 29, 2010

Down with....Kitchener?

I was pretty stoked to have Jesse, Hill and Quick roll through Kitchener for the day to try and hit some spots. It seems to be that if I bring someone in from outside of the city it's almost a sure bet for them to get a decent trick. We also hit up Guelph the next day to shralp some spots around there with Mr. Pryma. Unfortunately Sunday was way fucking hotter than Saturday and I think everyone came down with some sort of mild heat stroke while Mitch got the worst of it and started chucking. Heat stroke ain't no joke...hydrate fools.

That's Hill on the right questioning my integrity
and whether or not I know what a skate spot is.
At this moment I was scraping algae off the bottom
of the ditch to try and make it less slick for
my buddy.....

....aaaand action!

Jesse made it out of this one
unscathed. Yeah, no clue.

This hydrant also decided to just pop up out
of no where.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the Scene

I guess one could say that some rather unusual skate sessions took place over the past week. Something to do with transport trucks in the middle of Dundas Square...yeah I don't quite know what that's all about either. See if you can make some sense of it below.

Ryan and Magnus checking out
a new spot.

It seemed ideal.

A bit of a change in scenery now.

All of Ryan's fans were there.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Concrete Photo Annual

Here are two photos of mine that ran in the Concrete Photo Annual issue.

Colton, front smith. I originally saw a video
of him eating absolute shit on this thing but
knew that if he went back I had to shoot it.
Sure enough...

Colin, front crook in the rain. The man has
'em like that.

Do yourself a favour and check out that issue. It's
got a lot of good stuff from photographers like
Rich Odam, Jeff Comber, Owen Woytowich and
Geoff Clifford.

Monday, August 09, 2010


Just a few photos over the past week and a bit for you to take a look at.

Tried to skate some Kitchener spots and got
kicked out of every one we went to.
Colin, back 50.

Went to Guelph to try our luck.
This young is starting to skate
with us a bit. Alex, ollie.

Colin, nollie.

Look close...serious style points.

Forgot to throw this one in the last post. We
did it and regretted every moment of it.

Anyone willing to get wet and possibly a bit
banged up? SBC photo annual is coming up...

Justin on point with the focus game.

*no caption necessary*

"...think there's a big market for camo slip-ons?"

Heading to Whitby for a few days. Bound to get
some goods there.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Like a Moth in the Light

Once again Isaac, Joel and myself took a trip down to Detroit and brought none other than Mr. Williams with us for his first round of skating in the D. Between some authentic tacos in Mexican town, the regular crack heads lurking our sessions and Ben's mom cooking us up some bomb meals it goes without saying that it was an awesome time. It feels like Detroit is one of those cities that never gets old to me. You'd also think that because it's dirty as hell and the city is sketchy at best that we'd skate there once and be done with it. But no, not this city. Take a look below for some Detroit shadiness below.

Benjamin, doubling up on his ollie game.

If one spot could sum up Detroit
best it might be this one. Sketchy,
dirt, terribly built and bum
shit everywhere. Ryan, back d
in the D.

Stopped by the shop Pigeon to do a little
meet and greet with the kids. The young kid in
the front holding up a Love board bought an
8.25 and learned to skate it just to spite the
"older kids" that told him an 8inch was too big for
him. He can skate that thing too!

Isaac, 5050 into the plate at
the roughest spot ever.

Stopped in Windsor on the way home. Hill
got a new whip!

"Wait, you want to do what

As usual I'm back at home trying to
figure out the next time I can get down

Oh yeah, I finally got a website up and
running. Check 'er out!