Monday, August 09, 2010


Just a few photos over the past week and a bit for you to take a look at.

Tried to skate some Kitchener spots and got
kicked out of every one we went to.
Colin, back 50.

Went to Guelph to try our luck.
This young is starting to skate
with us a bit. Alex, ollie.

Colin, nollie.

Look close...serious style points.

Forgot to throw this one in the last post. We
did it and regretted every moment of it.

Anyone willing to get wet and possibly a bit
banged up? SBC photo annual is coming up...

Justin on point with the focus game.

*no caption necessary*

"...think there's a big market for camo slip-ons?"

Heading to Whitby for a few days. Bound to get
some goods there.

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