Sunday, August 29, 2010

Down with....Kitchener?

I was pretty stoked to have Jesse, Hill and Quick roll through Kitchener for the day to try and hit some spots. It seems to be that if I bring someone in from outside of the city it's almost a sure bet for them to get a decent trick. We also hit up Guelph the next day to shralp some spots around there with Mr. Pryma. Unfortunately Sunday was way fucking hotter than Saturday and I think everyone came down with some sort of mild heat stroke while Mitch got the worst of it and started chucking. Heat stroke ain't no joke...hydrate fools.

That's Hill on the right questioning my integrity
and whether or not I know what a skate spot is.
At this moment I was scraping algae off the bottom
of the ditch to try and make it less slick for
my buddy.....

....aaaand action!

Jesse made it out of this one
unscathed. Yeah, no clue.

This hydrant also decided to just pop up out
of no where.

Until next time...


Justin said...

trick to fakie between those tunnels at the ditch looks like it could be sick!

Dylan McDermott Photography said...

haha thats at my school, roller bladers have had good and bad memries their...