Friday, October 26, 2007

We aren't dead yet.

I know I was rather bummed out when I made the end of summer post but I've come to realize that we aren't anywhere near dead yet. Weekend-ly trips to Toronto, London and other cities are happening and everyone is throwing down. Some new spots have been found (super fun ones at that) so I'm having a blast, nothing is better than finding a new spot in your city to shoot.

see, told you we(Aaron) were getting footy

Drew zooming on a filmer board

Isaac, crookenstein

Joel, frontboard.

Isaac with a high crook in London

Keep your eyes peeled, gunna drop a big post before snow falls and then taking a trip in December. Big Tings!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


What a dope night. I got a call from Aaron at about 1030pm asking me to skate and come and shoot because a crew from Brantford was in town with lights and a gas am I to say no to that? Cutting to the chase, the first spot we hit was the gap to rail, it was pretty jacked up if I do say so myself. We got a few nice tricks on that and moved on to the City Hall Big 4 where we got kicked out almost as soon as we ripped the generator out, lame, but not much was going to go down on account of the huge garden hoses and over-grown run way. Last spot of the night, closing in on 1:30am we hit this dope loading dock to bank that I've been eying for some time now. Shit popped off there to put it quite bluntly. I think Jamie put down 6 or 7 tricks in total. Beep beep. The night was pretty damn dope, gotta give it up to Derek and the rest of them dudes, airsoft fights and pretty much stopping our cars on the highway to throw shit at each other was pretty intense.

and topping it off with a perfect switch frontside fleez.