Sunday, June 28, 2009


Took a trip for the weekend to Michigan with the likes of Isaac and Joel. We perched up at Sir Ben Schwandt's place and had a grand ol' weekend of shredding. We also met up with Justin Bohl and Joe Ferry. It was a little exhausting doing two days of hard skating in a row but the pay off was great. Everyone got tricks, had fun and even learned a valuable lesson about dealing dope and how to not get set up. This blog is for the dope man of Eastern Market that once was up but now is down!

The gays came to invade America.

Stretching, or something.

Ben "One More Try" Schwandt,
biggie boardslide pop in.

Back ups. Isaac lipslide 5-0 down.

Joe, front smith.

Dudes hanging out in Eastern Market.

Isaac, front nose fakie.

Discussing tricks at Cass.

Ben, gap out crooks at Cass.

Beaters + asphalt


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't mind me, only here to pillage the scene.

*I lied a little. This post is not from Arizona but in fact from a day trip to Hamilton consisting of Byron, Zach and Hamilton locals Sam Fidlin, Garret Gardiner and Brandon Sheppard. They were kind enough to risk their lives in the hot hot heat and show us around for the day. We checked a few spots here and there, got a few flicks and clips and then decided to pack it in due to the heat. 35 degrees celsius due to humidity really isn't that fun so either stay inside or do some real skating and skate the park all day. Check the photos below.

Yeah, really.

Malfunctions. Dopest setup.

It was hot.

It was hot.

Byron, switch o.

Sam, nosebonk.

Sam's van is a limited edition collab between
his mom, AWS, Satan and Deathwish. So hot
for summer '09.

*All pictured above is not real skateboarding.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, I think it's safe to say that summer is finally here. The days where you're constantly stick and uncomfortable are unavoidable and it's in your best interest if you don't get the middle of the back seat while riding from spot to spot. This past weekend I had the pleasure of skating three different cities. Each day was productive and fun and with that it reminded me of the good times to come during the summer. Exams are over, school is out and it's time to fucking shred!

Victory dog.

The sombrero sold us on who we should have
bought 'dogs from.

Isaac, nose manny 5-0 on a steep bank.


Just filthy.

100 blog posts deep AND 12 days until I'm in the hottest
place in North America...yayuh!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

London Falling

Byron and I headed to London to meet up with the usual suspects for the day last Sunday. On this particular day everyone's skateboards decided it'd be cool if nobody rolled away from their tricks. Road rash(on the ass, I might add), wooden planters, shitty boards and skate coach dads were some of the numeral factors involved. Contrary to the negativity of this post, we did get some photos! Feast your eyes below.

If I had paid attention this sequence would
be shot and laid out properly. Byron, nollie

Tim did not land his tricks.

Colin, switch ollie over mother duck.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Diiiiiirrrtyyy D!

This past weekend I took a trip down to Michigan to hang out and skate with some homies that I met up with last summer. Friday night Justin and I just took a cruise around downtown Detroit for spot ideas and to get a look at all the freakin' weirdos down there. It all came back to me how much I really loved the place!

Saturday was a bit of a change from just cruising around. Out at noon and in by 2am, it was a shred mission! For the most part, we stuck to downtown Detroit with Dave, Adam, Tony, Daryl and Ben. The day went pretty smooth seeing as there wasn't one security guard interaction the entire day, it was a nice change.

On Sunday we kept it a bit more mellow with pretty much the same crew. This time we stuck to the 'burbs and actually had more problems with superhero-citizens and police than we did downtown. Bummer. Regardless, we kept on with our day heading from spot to spot. Soon enough the day came to an end and I had to head back to good 'ol Canada. It seems like there's never enough time to stay, skate and hangout with all the Michigan dudes.

Adam, tre flip to the skinny.

Ben, ollie up backside flipper.

Adam with a pretty-lookin' front shove.

Dave, nose manny around.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Justin with a casual
back tail.

"Look Ma, no hands!" Justin again with a switch
crook pop out.

Adam, backside flip at turbo speedz.

Chris came through with this gnarly back
50 and popped back into the bank.

Seems like the minute I get back from Michigan
I'm making more plans to get there again.