Sunday, June 28, 2009


Took a trip for the weekend to Michigan with the likes of Isaac and Joel. We perched up at Sir Ben Schwandt's place and had a grand ol' weekend of shredding. We also met up with Justin Bohl and Joe Ferry. It was a little exhausting doing two days of hard skating in a row but the pay off was great. Everyone got tricks, had fun and even learned a valuable lesson about dealing dope and how to not get set up. This blog is for the dope man of Eastern Market that once was up but now is down!

The gays came to invade America.

Stretching, or something.

Ben "One More Try" Schwandt,
biggie boardslide pop in.

Back ups. Isaac lipslide 5-0 down.

Joe, front smith.

Dudes hanging out in Eastern Market.

Isaac, front nose fakie.

Discussing tricks at Cass.

Ben, gap out crooks at Cass.

Beaters + asphalt


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