Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't mind me, only here to pillage the scene.

*I lied a little. This post is not from Arizona but in fact from a day trip to Hamilton consisting of Byron, Zach and Hamilton locals Sam Fidlin, Garret Gardiner and Brandon Sheppard. They were kind enough to risk their lives in the hot hot heat and show us around for the day. We checked a few spots here and there, got a few flicks and clips and then decided to pack it in due to the heat. 35 degrees celsius due to humidity really isn't that fun so either stay inside or do some real skating and skate the park all day. Check the photos below.

Yeah, really.

Malfunctions. Dopest setup.

It was hot.

It was hot.

Byron, switch o.

Sam, nosebonk.

Sam's van is a limited edition collab between
his mom, AWS, Satan and Deathwish. So hot
for summer '09.

*All pictured above is not real skateboarding.

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