Friday, March 19, 2010

"Are you handrailskater444 from Youtube?"

The other day some good buddies of mine that I haven't seen in a while decided to venture in Kitchener for the first time of the season and what better reason to do so on a day where the double-digit temperatures were practically pushing 20 degrees Celsius? None, my friend! Colin, Dave, Byron and Jordan picked me up with "the Pod" and we all crammed into the clown car to go skate. At the first spot some young gun recognized local celebrity Jordan Guzyk and proceeded to pick our brains on how to get sponsored and why we wanted to get sponsored. A full day of fun ensued but I'll just leave it at that. Photos below!

Back to this thing. Colin, backside

Sick landing! Colin, pusher front nose.

Came and conquered.

God damn it feels good to be outside and shooting with the homies again! Check Jordan's blog at the side as soon as you get to this period.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Three and a half hours of scanning and countless more of dust touch ups, cropping, sharpening, yada yada. That's why we love film right? Anyways, feast your eyes on some not-so-digital photos below.

One day at Universitat Jesse did a sick line...

...and then the homies peeped it.


I wish I could remember this kid's name. His
dad said he was four years old and he looked
incredibly comfortable on his board. He was
slappying curbs, riding off the ledges and even
doing ollies on flat. This photo is for you
little buddy.

And maybe you'll see some more later....

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mi Casa

Back home in Kitchener! There may be snow around but some of us have already been out street skating. It sure as hell isn't Barcelona but it is an awesome feeling to be skating around here again. I got my film all developed and scanned up, below are a couple preview of things to come.

I took the digi in for repair so I probably will be posting very little this month.