Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Forumla

The idea of trying to start and maintain a career in skateboarding is a daunting one. While we claim that there are "no rules" in skateboarding, we all know this is laughable and that bullshit cliques, fads and other weird trends run the show. If you don't cuff your jeans right, don't skate a certain way or don't vibe with certain people, the lights on your dreams and passions can easily be turned out by someone else with nothing but a piss-poor excuse.

The subject, Kevin Lowry, in this case, seems to have figured out the formula and is "doing it right" in skateboarding. As if style, speed and well thought-out skateboarding wasn't enough, Kevin manages to make it into just about every video ranging from different parts of the world including China, France, the UK, Canada and heavy coverage from the U.S.

What inspired this blog post on a chilly winter day? The answer can be found in Kevin's most recent video part below. Enjoy.