Sunday, May 06, 2007

twin activities

Isaac and Joel picked me up and we went driving around for some spots and ideas. Isaac was really fired up to skate and Joel landed another trick so I was pumped to shoot and skate with them. We got a couple of photos at the ditch and Joel even landed a nollie fs heel over the drain know it was sick. After we went Uptown and check this rail to get some gnar popz over. I ended up shooting a doubles photo.

Isaac and Joel...double ollie, GnArLy!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

warehouse pt.2

Met up with Dave and Scott at the abandoned warehouse, took a few better pictures this time and overall was really happy. Dave got a couple tricks on film but Scott was bummin' out because prior to this session he had ran into a parked car (don't even ask), so he popped about 6 Tylenol's and about 45minutes later he was in tip-top shape and ready to skate. We also broke alot, and I mean alot of windows, Dave even filmed a "skit" of me pretending to be a cop. Nevermind about that though. Enjoy!

Scott backside nosegrind..stomped this one too!

Scott front lip