Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Work, No Play

Yesterday it snowed and every skateboarder's heart plummeted to an all time low, all the memories of the brutal winter had come back all too fast. On the other hand, today WAS a new day so the sun decided to come out and warm the city up. A bunch of us met up at the park and decided to head out to do some spot checking. Spot A was a no go. The place needed a little fixer-upper and the owner was not feeling it so we decided to move on. While we drove on Scott scoped a spot with his oh-so-sharp eyes and he got down to business in no time. Unfortunately, it was a church and a guy there wasn't too happy with us shredding for Jesus so we snapped a quick flick and went to meet up with Josh, Rich and Jordan at the parkade. Josh got a quick line an once again, we got the boot. It felt like today was the day to hate skateboarders but the crew did what we do best: kept skating. On the road again, we went to check a new spot where Scott got down to biz(again). Things didn't work out as planned and Scooter broke a board trying a trick. Gary, being the good ol' friend he is, lent him his board and unfortunately, it took the same road and got broke. Everyone decided that the night had come to a close and it was getting chilly. Peep the flicks!

Tools of the trade

Scooter spot

Next spot was pretty good

Scott, warm up frontside 180.

Technical difficulties.

By the way, the play comes later.

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