Thursday, February 22, 2007

more UG.......

I'm getting kind of tired of having to shoot in this underground grave-type thing. I was so hyped that night though because it was two degrees out...snow was melting...sun was out, it even smelt like Spring and the birds were singing.

Gay emotional moment, sorry.

Then, the next morning we get slammed with a mini blizzard and the weahter is back in the negatives. Mother Nature is a bitch.

Whatever, Chad brought this sweet plastic bench and this Aaron Wynia kid from Ayr (their main source of transport there is horse+buggy) to the UG (Underground for those who don't know) to spice it up a little and it was tons of fun. Shot some cool pics and even had to re-visit the purple wall. That was it though guys, I can't shoot the purple wall anymore, I've killed it, sorry.


Chad Inward Heel (favourite of the night)

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Chad! said...

these are the shoes I'm talkin bout!