Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toronto/Sauga Weekend

Shoot, it's been a few weeks since Aaron, Isaac and Joel and I took a trip down to the Mississauga/Toronto area so here is the log of a mellow yet fun two days. We stayed with another photog Peter so we got some dope double angles. On one of the days we also met up with a few dudes that went by names of Chris, Dan and Taylor. The first day was rather unfortunate, aside from skating back and forth from a few spots trying to get some tricks and not get busted, we ended up at one of the lamest shops ever. Dude took a half hour to grip Chris' new board, we had to get out of that scene and booted it as soon as Chris had deck in hands. Isaac did manage to snag this dope gap to front tail at Cloud Park. Soon after he decided it'd be nice to just put it down to fakie, and sure enough he did with ease.

The next day was pretty mellow. Chris, Dan and Taylor had all departed by this time so it was up to Isaac, Aaron and Joel to make shit happen for some photos. We started the day off with a McDonald's breakfast. You know, not something I was too stoked on (nor did I trust it very much either), but all went down well and we were fueled to start throwing shit down. Joel got a dope sequence that Peter shot down the Mississauga down manny pad and then we went to shred some pretty cool ditches. Got some nice shots there and decided it was time to pack up and head home back to Kitchener.

Thanks for the stay Peter!

Chris booking through an alley way

Joel and Aaron joking around

Isaac bs ollie from level to level

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