Monday, April 23, 2007

Water kills...Tricks into hills (installment vol.3)

I met up with James and Isaac at the park on a super nice day. We decided to head to the ditch to see if we could get any shots and Isaac generously re-did his kickflip just for a sequence. Both Isaac and James had their boards and shoes dipped into the water...twice. James ended up losing a bolt there so we peaced the spot.

James and I dropped Isaac off only to pick Damien up at the park where we went to Boardzone to say goodbye's to Justin and then head to this simple new spot James was eying. Looks can be deceving though, the bottom of the hill was a pile of rock death...James and Dames rolled through it though.

Isaac, kickflip ditch gap

Damien, tre bomb in

James, pokie ollie into the hill

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Anonymous said...

fuckin sick photos're going places