Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Now that the Bones trip is over I'm sure everyone that was in the van for the entire thing is a little relieved so they can go home and relax for a minute. Overall the trip was really productive and I had a great time. Below are some more cell phone clips from the road.

Most of the Bones guys hadn't seen the Niagara
Falls before so we made a trip out there to
do some sight seeing.

Before that happened we had to wake Dyet up
first. This was after we pulled him by his ankles
off of the bed.

Skated a pretty well-built barrier in St. Catherines.
Big ups to Andrew for being our guide for the day.

At a spot in Peterborough they had a free zoo
so a few of us went to take a look. Finally found
out why shoe-lace belts are so useful - baby
bobcats love 'em!

One of them misty days downtown.

Good times had by all! Now back to regular programming....

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