Sunday, June 27, 2010


I got a text early Monday morning from Hill telling me to call him up. Sure enough he had nothing but good news, "Yo, let's go to Detroit this weekend!" I don't even think a second passed before I said yes...I'm sure everyone on here knows how much I love skating in Michigan in general. This time would be a bit different because I'd be staying on the other side of the border(Canada) and actually skating Windsor which I was equally as stoked on. As usual, everyone kept it casual while dropping hammers left and right. Seriously, what's better than that?

First day in Windsor and met local Mikey
Plantus. He throws down. He's tight.

Sizzle, back tail up. Too many good quotes from
this guy.

"My slave name is Mike, my real name is Sizzle."

Sizzle is such an upstanding
citizen to society. Here you see
him display a proper focus-check
for me..... that Paul could boost this
huge ollie.

Everyone was bummed on Jeff because he
popped this switch frontside flip so high and made
this actually-huge set look tiny. Good job Jeff?

Sizzle, power ollie....

....into the drink!

Hill and I rolled by to see if it was possible to
get a photo here but there was water in it.
Jamie on the other hand didn't mind one bit...

One of the very few things the U.S. has going
for them currently.

I was in Detroit for 30 minutes and we went
straight to spot checking. Burly to say the least.

An action packed weekend is a good one.

Oh yeah, I got a new lens too....

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