Saturday, April 25, 2009


I headed on down(over? up?) to London Friday night with plans to get some good skating in on Saturday. A few people had wanted to shoot some things and best of all, Justin and Mike were coming from Michigan to hang out for the weekend. I was pretty stoked on that fact alone since I hadn't seen Mike since the summer and Justin since Cali so the trip to London was worth it just because of that. Anyways, Saturday morning we all warmed up a Vic and met up with some Kitchener and London dudes. The crew was fairly large so we all split up, going our separate ways. The weather was super nice, like 25 degrees Celsius nice. Anyways, we got the flicks and that's all that matters. Big up to Mr. Cameron Black for the hospitality, I'll be back soon!

Colin, warm up front nose.

20 minutes (including warm
up) was all Mike needed to get
this back smithers.

15 minutes after the photo of the back smith, the clouds rolled up and it started raining super hard. Driving on the 401 at night in the pouring rain sucks. Until next time...


Steve said...

yeah son! good shots! It's hard to shoot red brick when the sun is blazin right into your lens. Not to mention banting is a pain to shoot when it's bright out

dickbag said...

Will, are you a leg or an ass man?