Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cali Memories

I had about four rolls of 35mm film in my fridge that I had shot through my AE-1, yet to be developed. I finally got around to developing and scanning the negs and to my surprise I had some snap shots from my California in January on there. Check 'em out below.

This shutdown school
had some cool architecture and
the most buttery curved ledge
ever at it.

San Pedro park

San Pedro park. Seeing these groms learning
to skate at this park blew my mind. Now I know
where all those teen tranny killers come from
in Cali.

San Pedro park

Nevada mountains. I was fucking terrified seeing
snow from the plane window, after all, I was
leaving that white shit to soak in some warm

Dan Cohen nosegrinding while his homie
watches. I forget your name, sorry dude.

Justin and Ben cruising.

The alleyway at Paul's place.

Paul driving down the PCH.

Paul, Brian and Ben pushin' around.

Scanning those on to my computer put a little smile on my face.

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