Monday, April 27, 2009

Dev'd Up

A big reason I like going to London is because there's this camera store called Stan C. Reade that develops 120 film in one day for super cheap. Whenever I've got a few rolls of film that I need developed I never hesitate to bring it there. What could be better than dropping off film in the morning, heading off to skate and picking up your slides at the end of the day? Nothing! Anyways, here's some film clips from the past week or so, enjoy!

Isaac, ollie down on to the skinny block.

Colton, front blunt.

Scott, noseblunt.

Isaac, kickflip. A damn shame this spot is gone
now, it was dope!

Colton, backside 180 nosegrind.

Mack-dawg, lipslide 270 shove out.

I threw in a couple sequences for turbo enjoyment, holla.