Friday, May 01, 2009


This morning I woke up to wet streets and a sky full of dark clouds, I wasn't too impressed. As the day went on, the weather started to shape up. I eagerly watched the sun come out from behind the clouds through my classroom window with one intention in mind: skateboarding. I called up Scott and made the plans, we had a skate date. I met him and Greg downtown after class at the hot new barrier spot. Apparently the city can't do shit about building a good skatepark but they can provide great street spots. Anyways, a Friday afternoon in the middle of King street was a lot busier than I had anticipated. We met and saw a few usual characters you'll find on the downtown streets, got our photos and got out. Next, we headed on out to Waterloo to check out some ledges. The spot was great, two different ledges in one. Just like the previous spot, we got there, got the goods and took off. By this time the gray clouds had made their way back into our sky and a rain ensued. We packed it in and decided today was a good day for productivity. Amen!

This lady was just going off about random
stuff. People across the street were gossiping,
telling everyone she had forgotten to take
her meds that morning.

Scott, a busy frontboard pop in.

Greg, boardslide pop out to fakie.

Scott, tailslide fakie.

Scott, warm-up gap back 5050.

Until next time...

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