Monday, April 13, 2009

Ankle Destruction

It was just another day of skating with Lucas, Mack, Isaac, Joel and Graham. We went to check out this new stair spot that got the vote from everyone. It was pretty easy to skate so everyone got busy trying to get tricks. Unfortunately, Graham destroyed his ankle trying to get his. Get better buddy!

Next spot, Mack and Luc had some business they wanted to take care of at Seagrams so we headed out that way. In no time both dudes got their flicks and we were on our way to meet up with Scott, Josh and Grant. We tried to check a few spots but nothing was happening. Mack and Luc were still fiendin' to skate so we checked a few more spots and met up with some other dudes. It was getting late and chilly so we headed back downtown to check out some cemented up barriers. It was fun for the time being but the cops weren't feeling it. They even went as far to send a cop to kick us out with the name "S. Slaughter"...comforting. It was late and everyone decided to pack it in so we did just that. Pictures below, fool!

Isaac, kickflip.

Luc felt like hanging out in the shade, no biggie.

Lucas, front smith 180 out. Easy peasy for
this buddy.

Luc, Jesse and Mack.

Lucas, front tail.

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