Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looked Who Followed Me Home

While I was down visiting in Detroit I was let in on a little secret that some of my new found friends would be coming to my homeland to shred some gnar, I was stoked! Today they showed up and we skated around Kitchener and Cambridge for a bit while they got acquainted with some of the local guys from here. We didn't do much skating as we'll be getting busy tomorrow in Toronto (stay posted for a blog from that day for sure) so we just took it easy. Watched some skate videos (Nota Bene!) relaxed. Photos from the short day are below.

A quick start before Aaron Wynia is late for

Justin didn't land this switch
5-0 but got totally worked trying
it so he deserves his picture up

Ben, nosegrind on the sign
in Cambridge.

Aaron, back smith.

See you tomorrow!

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