Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 4: Chili's rules.

The day started off slow at the indoor park here and I was a little afraid not much would get done. It seemed like everyone was working during the day and Ben couldn't really get anyone to come out. We eventually thought it would be a good idea just to go check out a few spots and see what was up. Spot number one (and only spot due to a shinner) was this chunky-ass flatbar outside of a person's house. I had never seen a chunky metal bar before but I guess there are always firsts for everything. Ben got the hustle on his tricks though. Front smiths were all the norm on this day and then he decided to step it up and try a front feeble pop out. Things got a little messy (and frustrating for Ben) until something clicked and pulled one out. Thinking it was too sketchy Ben went back for more and the rail was not willing to go for a round two so Ben walked away with a brand new shinner. Time for some food and back to Landslide to meet up with Garza, Bill and Robbie.

Back to the Pontiac ledges (which I really didn't mind skating). A guy named Kevin ended up showing up and him and I both got lines on film, only difference was that his was super dope and mine Icing on the cake for Kevin was that he was doing a Russ Milligan trick and skated just like Alex Klein. Awesome. After a lengthy session at the ledges it was dinner time. Since roughly all the main dudes from my trip were together tonight we went to Chili's for a "special" *tear tear* dinner since tomorrow is my last day in Detroit.

Things weren't over after dinner! I don't know what Justin's deal is but he gets more stoked to skate at night than any other time. This time he was feeling a super rough ledge spot at some high bust spot. So I set up really fast and we realized one thing: there was no lighting there at all. Justin barged the shit and "copped" (I've been teaching these guys weak-ass Canadian words) a back smith there and security showed up right after, a bitter end to the night.

Tomorrow is the last day of my trip and we'll have a deep crew heading downtown Detroit, hopefully everyone will be able to "cop" something. Nevermind, fuck that word.

Ben, front smith.

Same dude, same spot, new trick. Front feebs
pop out.

Justin, back smith. Maybe one day I will reveal
the secret to his tweak.

Stay posted, day five is going to go off with a bang.

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ahah looks like you skipped a day on the blog updates